Spare Time Well Spent


Hallie Wolfe

A drawling of a bowling ball striking out the all the pins.

Nick Wolff, Staffer

Pine Lanes Bowling Alley’s Bowling League season has recently come to an end. Eric Hosler runs the program,  “ [The league started] over 60 years ago as a way to give kids in the community something to do.  They could be around other kids and learn about teamwork and being friends.” 

Hosler states, “Teaching kids the sport of bowling and seeing the smiles on their faces when they receive their awards” was his favorite part. The kids are very lucky to have such a wonderful opportunity to be around kids of their own age. Opportunities to make friends at a young age can be hard to come by in times like these. 

The sport of bowling is fun for everyone as it doesn’t need to be super competitive “bowling is a sport for all ages. You may be a pro, or it may be your hobby. But, just in that way, I’d put it in the same league as Pickleball. It’s fun in either the sense of competition or leisurely exercise.” Says Karim Freed. The bowlers enjoy going and playing a sport that is fun for everyone with their friends and families. The best part of it according to Jamiel Freed is “Probably the fun of it I would think. We get to hangout and bowl with friends and stuff and it’s not very hard to have fun with it either, it’s more entertaining than stress driven.” The league is a fun way for people of all ages to meet new people or just spend time with their closest friends and families in a relaxing environment.