Monsters Alive and Well in Kindergarten

Mrs. Allar’s kindergarten class holding up there monsters made by the textile design class in the PGAHS.

Nakiya Sholly, Staffer

When Mrs. Allar’s kindergarten class started drawing monsters, they had no idea that their monster would be facing them by the end of the school year. Mrs. Allar, kindergarten teacher, and Mrs. Culbert, high school Textile and Design teacher, had their classes work together to  create a multi-level, multi-disciplinary project.  

Mrs. Allar’s class started the project by drawing and coloring monsters. At that point, the images were to Mrs. Culbert where her Textile Design students began their work. 

“It was really fun making them and learning how to sew,” said Kaley Harris, junior. When they were all finished making the monsters come to life each high school student Zoomed in with their kindergarten partner.  Zoom discussions  centered around the monster’s name, its superpowers and all the unique things about them.

Mckenna LeVan, senior in Creative Writing, wrote poems for each monster and included the superpowers and any unique things that the kindergarteners said about their monster.   When high school students were all finished bringing the monsters to life,  they made a goodie bag for their partner which included: a small water, a snack, their monster and LeVan’s poem for their specific monster. 

“The kindergarteners were so excited to finally receive their monsters,” Kyla Wolfe, junior, said,  “I really enjoyed seeing all the kids’ faces light up when they opened their bags.”

“My kids loved it and they were so excited,” says Mrs. Allar. 

“With this year being the first year that we attempted this project I think it was a success,” said Mrs.Culbert,“it seems that the majority of the kids in my class and Mrs. Allar’s class enjoyed it. I look forward to doing it in years to come.”