Excitement at the Carnival

Brandon Gibson dunking Mr. Felty at the dunk tank.

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editior

“Honestly, getting to work the dunk tank, I really love seeing the little kids have so much fun getting to dunk the teachers and seeing everyone enjoy it, it’s fun for everybody,” says Autumn Gantz. The Carnival was hosted by the Pine Grove Area Cardinal Band.

Although the Carnival isn’t a fundraiser for the band it benefits the band. Katie Herring says, “I think it really influences the children in a positive way to join the band once they’re older, I think seeing us have fun makes them want to do it in the future.”

The Carnival is something everyone looks forward to every year. The band members as well as the kids that come to partake in the fun games all enjoy setting up for the carnival, spending time with friends and seeing the community come together. “We started this more than 10 years ago and it was simply a way to get people involved, but I think it has really blossomed into something people look forward to,” says Mr. Gibson.