Lady Cards Bring Home OT Victory for Homecoming

Abby Frew, senior, takes the direct kick.

Logan Fidler, Staffer

Lady Card’s Soccer with a beautiful OT victory over Tulpehocken this past Saturday during the Homecoming game. The score came out to 3-2 sending Tulpehocken home. The game started off slow, it was 0-0 for the first 16 minutes until a cross came into the box. With Alyssa Boyer from Tuplehocken finishing the ball, the score goes up to 1-0 in the 17th minute. 

Leading into halftime down 1-0, the Lady Cardinals picked their heads up going into the second half. With a cross from Abby Frew, Melanie Love scores in the 72nd minute. Keeping up the pressure, Abby Frew breaks away with the ball and passes to Mia Jeffereson who finishes the ball in the 73rd minute. Shortly after, Ella Akner from Tuplehocken gets a break away and scores, tying up the game 2-2. 

“We all had one thing on our minds and that was to keep working until the last second, and hey it worked.” says starting freshman Viktoria Luckenbach. 

With an extremely intense game Pine Grove and Tuplehocken go into overtime. With Viktorya Luckenbach’s drop ball to Abby Frew, Frew takes a long distance shot and makes it, giving the Lady Cardinals victory in the overtime thriller against Tuplehocken.

“I was very excited to win because every other year we lost on Homecoming and it felt good to fight and come back with a win my senior year,” states Sarah Warner “It was a great team win, the energy was there and we were able to pick it up and finish big,” states Mikaili Donmoyer, senior captain. 

Their victory at Homecoming put them at a record of 7-0-1 leading them into the rest of their season.