Cardinals Claim First Victory

Lane Lehman, sophomore, gets excited on the sideline.

Chase Fraley, Staffer

Pine Grove Area’s running game looked strong on Saturday rushing for a combined total of 234 yards and three touchdowns, bringing home their first win with a final score of 26-8. Pine Grove’s running backs were the center pieces of their offense with two touchdowns from Lane Lehman,33, on 4 yards and 1 yard blasts into the endzone and one from Colin Ibarra,32, as he carried defenders from 3 yards out to break through the defence and get into the endzone. Lane Lehman said, “I think I’m performing well, I have a great team around me helping me play well and yes I can’t wait for Friday nights with my brothers.” 

Captain Colin Ibarra,32, finished the game with 17 tackles, 65 rushing yards, and a touchdown in his debut at running back on Saturday. Colin said, “I think our team showed our true colors during that game, a big family working together to overcome adversity and are ready to battle for these next weeks to come.” Ibarra continued, “It felt great, the atmosphere is something that comes once in a lifetime.” 

The Cardinals claimed their first win with a final score of 26 to 8 against Shenandoah. Both the offense and the defense played very well. With three interceptions on defense with a combined sixty tackles. The offense scored three rushing touchdowns. The Cardinals had two field goals and made two out of their three extra points.