Show Review: What If


Cardinal Chronicle

An image to represent the show “What If…”.

Javin Ward, Staffer

“What if?” Episode 8 directed by Bryan Andrews is a great episode. Although it doesn’t take place in the original Marvel, it has many beautiful parallels to it. The episode takes a fun alternative to what we’ve already seen in the movies and shows us what would have happened if things went just a little bit differently in the movies. Ultron had been defeated in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Episode 8 of “What if?’’ shows us that if Ultron wins the battle, there are dire consequences for the universe. 

The episode’s main heroes are Natasha Romanov, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, and Clint Barton, voiced by Jeremy Renner.  Ultron’s voice actor also remained the same as James Spader. Although we’re in a different universe, they’re still the same lovable characters as in our universe. 

The entire point of the Disney series is to provide a fun look at alternate realities that could have taken place in the Marvel universe if certain things would have gone differently. Some of them are a little more outlandish than the others, like the zombie episode. But others are more realistic, just like episode 8.