JV Football Helps Varsity Program

Brody Ibarra, freshman, launches the ball through the air to his receivers.

Mason Kroh, Staffer

Although Junior Varsity games might not get the hype like varsity does, Junior Varsity  (JV) is still important for any program. Last season Cardinal Football wasn’t able to have a JV team due to lack of players and Covid. This season with a little less covid restrictions and slightly more players Monday night games are back for JV. Alec Osatchuck said, “It’s really good, to finally get reps for us young guys and get us in a game situation to help prepare and learn before just being thrown into a varsity game.”

JV hasn’t officially played a game yet but it has been a controlled scrimmage. They were able to play 3 of them against Shenandoah Valley, Schuylkill Haven, and Hamburg. Coach Frank Gaffney said, “JV programs are the backbone of any high school team. Having JV players compete allows coaches to see the growth and talent in a young player. Each game a JV player builds his confidence on the field. I’ve seen many JV players become phenomenal varsity starters. JV games are just as important as varsity games. I’ve worked tremendously hard to make sure that there’s some sort of JV season during the 2021 year. I am glad we are able to put together a schedule.”

Coach Trent Mars, “The addition of the Junior Varsity schedule has been tremendous for our program this year. The support from our complete roster as well as the players’ families has been outstanding. It is great to see the support in the stands from family and friends as well as the support from the varsity players that travel to the games with our JV players. For our team, there is a great sense of camaraderie during these games. The varsity players are able to support their teammates on Monday that support them on Friday nights and are able to provide guidance and mentorship throughout the game. Most importantly is the family, friends, and community and support of these players. Between the off-season training and weekly practice schedule, there is a lot of dedication that comes into play for the families as they make sure their player is present and prepared to play. It is great to see our JV players being able to showcase all that they have learned and worked for throughout the season, especially in front of those that have sacrificed their own time to make sure that their sons always got to and from football obligations.”