Show Review: Outer Banks Season 2


Rahel Sarge

An explosion in the water of Ward Cameron’s boat.

Killian Skocik, Staffer

Outer Banks Season Two was released to Netflix on July 30th, 2021. It was very popular once it had been released, becoming number 1 on Netflix in the first few days of its release. I’m sure people were eager to see this new season after the cliff hanger we were stuck with in the last episode of the first season. This season was just as good and intense as the first, possibly more intense. Throughout this action filled season there are many points where you are left on the edge. This makes this show more and more intriguing to watch. 

After Season One, people had many questions about whether or not John B. and Sarah had survived the stormy ship escape to the Bahamas. In the first episode of Season Two the other pogues: Kiara, JJ, and Pope all pay their respects to Sarah and John B. by making a wood carved monument, little do they know those two are still alive out there. John B. is being framed for the killing of Sheriff Peterkin even though it was Rafe, Sarah’s brother, who killed her. The two teens eventually escape the cargo ship they are on where they are now located in the Bahamas. They successfully escape the cops and decide to hide in plain sight at a five star hotel. Later on, he finds a phone to text the other pogues to let them know they are still alive.

Soon after Sarah gets kidnapped by Terrence looking for John B. Who was out looking for the gold at Ward’s vacation home. Once this happens John B offers Terrence a piece of gold to get Sarah back and for help to make a plan to steal the gold from Ward. Many characters face a lot of obstacles in this season including Kiara and her parents, Rafe trying to prove his love and loyalty for his dad, and John B still wanting revenge on Ward for killing his dad. Eventually the pogues all become reunited again after a long wait. They all are still out to clear John B’s name, find the gold, and the cross of Santo Domingo. There are conspiracies that the bandana John B wears has a power to heal, that came from the cross. In this season Sarah was shot by her brother Rafe as he was trying to shoot John B, Sarah was dead for a couple of minutes and then came back and she had the bandana. John B was also bitten by an alligator and the wound healed up pretty quickly while he was wearing this bandana. Do you think this Bandana has something to do with the cross and having the powers to heal?