Sitting and Waiting on Buck


Rita Fraley

Chase Fraley, junior, and his dad Robert Fraley poses with his deer from last year.

Chase Fraley, Staffer

Hunting is a very important activity for people who want to get away from all of the stress of the world. Hunting is an activity that requires a lot of commitment to the sport. You have to set up trail cams, places to sit and practice your accuracy. The reward though is very rewarding. 

Hunting can consist of anything from deer hunting to bird hunting. There are people that like hunting birds and rabbits with their dogs and there are people who prefer to sit in a tree stand and wait for that perfect buck to come by. I, personally, enjoy hunting deer. I personally find waiting to be relaxing sitting in nature watching the trees rustle in the wind. I like hunting deer because hunting can be very exciting when you get to actually shoot at an animal. When I actually do get an animal the gutting process is pretty gross but the reward of it is worth it.

Hunting can get pretty boring. You may lose interest by just staring off, not thinking about anything. You may not like sitting in the cold or waking up early. But personally I really enjoy it. I don’t mind sitting in the cold. I really don’t mind waking up early.

But for me personally, sitting in the woods is boring. I do think that it is worth it for when that one deer finally walks past and you can finally shoot.