Review: Baker Mayfield


Nick Wolff

Baker Mayfield is a leader for the Cleveland browns. He has led them to play off appearances multiple times now. He has won rookie awards and continues to get better as the years go on.

Nick Wolff, Sports Editor

Baker Mayfield is one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL today. Known for turning the Browns organization around and doing it his way. Baker never changed himself for other people. This started with the confidence in himself to walk on to Texas tech. After walking on at Texas Tech, Baker then transferred to Oklahoma where he would win the Heisman award for the most valuable college player in the nation. His accolades in college would earn him a high ranking in the NFL draft. After a stellar performance at the NFL Combine he would get the honor of being the number one pick in the NFL draft being picked by the Cleveland Browns, a team in need of a franchise changing quarterback.

According to, Baker would get his chance in Week 3 against the NY Jets when the current starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor would go out with an injury putting Baker in the driver’s seat down by 14. Baker would go on to throw 17-23 with 201 passing yards winning the game 21 to 17 ending the Browns 19 game losing streak. Baker would go on to have a historic season with the Browns breaking the rookie record for passing touchdowns with 27. According to, as a rookie, Baker led all rookies in passing yards, passing touchdowns, completion percentage, and passer rating. 

After his historic rookie campaign he would gain some criticism for his off the field antics making him both one of the most loved and criticized players in the NFL. He started out his second season poorly but turned it around by the end of the year. According to,  this past season he led the Browns to their first playoff appearance and win since 1995. 

I’m excited to see what Baker can do in the years to come and can’t wait to watch his journey continue.