The Eternal Blockbuster


Logan Zimmerman

A drawing of Arishem the Judge, ominously overlooking The Eternals.

Logan Zimmerman, Photography Editor

On November 5, Marvel released their new hit movie, Eternals. Eternals follows a whole new cast and characters throughout the stunning 157 minutes. The movie is definitely a change of pace compared to the rest of the MCU. It is a deeper perspective that twists and turns and spits you out on a cliffhanger. Going into the movie, I was expecting more of your average superhero film. Being prepared for a movie like The Avengers will leave your expectations blown out of the water. 

At the start of the movie, not knowing any of the characters, I thought I was going to be overwhelmed with trying to remember names and what each character’s power was, but the way they introduced them made it felt very individual and original. At the start of the movie, It introduced all the characters at once while they were fighting the “deviants.” A “deviant” is the evil creature that The Eternals were sent to earth to fight off. A Celestial named Arishem is leader of all four celestial hosts on earth and of The Eternals. Throughout the movie we get to follow each character individually and learn more about them, and how they came to be. 

Cinematographer, Ben Davis, gave each scene its own unique perspective and it feels as if each shot tells its own story. From dramatic angles to the slow zoom in of them all coming together after defeating a “deviant.” 2 time Oscar winner, Chloé Zhao, was the director of the cosmic adventure with her directorial debut only coming in 2017. As previously stated the deeper perspective gives you a more mature feeling of the MCU. This movie wasn’t your average guy getting the girl after defeating the villain. It had a lot to do with teamwork and family. Each Eternal needing one another to succeed and keep the earth safe. Leaving the film open ended calls for a sequel and hopefully The Eternals will return. This film is just in the beginning of Phase 4 in the MCU with future movies being Spider-Man No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and so many more.