Too Early For Christmas Spirit?


Shyla Brown

It’s not too early to decorate! Mrs. Hemings classroom is decorated for Christmas. Her decorated Christmas Tree can be seen as you enter her classroom.

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor

It’s a little over a month until Christmas and there’s always that same debate about whether or not  it’s too early to decorate for Christmas in November. Some people believe that you shouldn’t start decorating until December or at least until after Thanksgiving, but I have to disagree!

I love Christmas time, and I think that it’s great to have Christmas spirit. I love decorating for Christmas and although I do think that decorating in October or before may be a little too extreme, I don’t see a problem with decorating in November. I love the fact that many stores start selling Christmas decor and decorating early, because it allows you to start purchasing and decorating for Christmas early as well.

I think people should do what makes them happy, and if having a little extra Christmas spirit and decorating early does that, then I don’t see a problem. It’s great to always spread Christmas cheer.