Why is it too early to decorate for Christmas?


Killian Skocik

There shouldn’t be lights or Christmas tree up yet because it is Thanksgiving. The leaves are only just now falling. Winter doesn’t start until December 21st, that’s when we should start decorating.

Killian Skocik, Staffer

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t decorate for Christmas too early. At times it feels as though everyone forgets that there is a holiday before Christmas that comes after Halloween. That holiday is Thanksgiving which is just as important as Christmas. There is also some superstition that goes along with decorating. Some believe that decorating too early may lead to bad luck as well. 

When people put up their decorations before Thanksgiving it’s kind of like people don’t care about that holiday. Thanksgiving is a very important holiday as well. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and spending time with your family and friends. You also get to eat some good food as well. Maybe you should wait till after Thanksgiving to start thinking about Christmas and decorating.

 I feel that stores also put out Christmas way too early as well. As soon as Halloween ends all stores go straight to Christmas, Some even start putting things out during Halloween. This can also get people excited for the Holidays and totally forget Thanksgiving. Another reason it’s too early to decorate is because you may also get tired of your decorations if you have them up for so long before Christmas. You can do what you want when it comes to the holidays and decorating, but don’t forget about the holiday that comes before.