Movie Review: A Quiet Place


Cardinal Chronicle

“A Quiet Place” was released on April 6, 2018. A family must live in silence which represents the mute symbol in the picture. The movie has an audience rating of 4.2 stars.

Mason Kroh, Staffer

A Quiet Place is a sci-fi horror movie made in 2018, it is one of a 2 part movie series but a part 3 is scheduled to release early 2023. The movie takes place in the future where much of mankind is dead. Most of the human race were killed off by this alien-like creature that hears everything and kills everything it hears. Throughout the movie you watch this family try to survive by staying as quiet as possible. 

You see early on how serious it is and how quiet they really have to be. The family communicates with sign language and walks around barefoot. The movie starts with them in a town gathering food and scavenging for supplies. Once they get what they need they head back to their home which is now a compound to try and keep them safe. 

The mom is pregnant during this whole time and ends up having the baby. As many of you can guess that’s not an easy thing to do with no doctors and all while trying to be quiet. She ends up having the baby and isn’t very quiet so the family all spreads out across the compound to make noise and try to save her while she has the baby. Does she make it who knows you’re gonna have to watch to find out.