Esports Takes Over


Rachel Sarge

Esports is a virtual sports environment. People can play both real sports and esports. “Esports is very entertaining to play.”

Chase Fraley, Staffer

Esports can be played in a variety of games. Some of the biggest games for esports are: Valorant, Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of Duty, CSGO and League of Legends. All of these games have multiple millions of players that play monthly. Only about a thousand or two can actually go pro. Each Esports professional program has different types and sorts of professionals. Some pros play for even up to fourteen hours a day. Professional gamers devote their lives to their game.

Esports is a dream that every little kid has once had a dream to achieve. Kids who play games everyday wish they could possibly go professional one day. Haydn Williams said,”I’ve watched esports for the past year and now that we have a program I can’t wait to join it and play for the school.” Esports have major effects on people.

There are many ways to train for professional events. Whether you play with your team to practice for a major tournament or you play by yourself to improve your skills. Players such as Justin from Rocket League sometimes spend their whole life playing video games. Justin makes millions of dollars a year off of tournaments so he is able to play day in and day out. Esports have a major effect on the entire gaming community.