Senior of the Month: Makenzie Daubert


Mason Kroh

November 2021 Senior of the Month, Makenzie Daubert.

Mason Kroh, Staffer

Each Senior of the Month was asked 7 questions…

1.How do you feel about being a senior?

-I feel excited about starting something new but also sad because I am leaving all my friends. 

2.How do you feel about being Senior of the Month?

-I feel honored to be selected and recognized by my teachers. 

3.What do you want to do after you graduate?

-I want to go to college to become a radiologist 

4.What piece of advice would you give to underclassmen?

-Don’t take anything for granted because you never know what the future might hold.

5.Best memory of senior year so far?

-Playing volleyball with my friends and making it to the district finals game.

6.Favorite thing to do outside of school?

-Hang out with my friends and play volleyball or softball. 

7.Who is someone you look up to?

-I look up to my mom because of how hard she worked to be the person she is today.