2021 Pine Grove Halloween Parade


Logan Fidler

M&M Float in the 2021 Pine Grove, PA Halloween parade.

Logan Fidler, Staffer

Another parade down, many more to go for Pine Grove. October 16, 2021, Pine Grove had their annual Halloween parade for people that have the interest of promoting their business or people that just want to show off their float. There was food all around for people to eat, and people going around with carts with toys hooked on it with prices ranging from $1-$10.

The floats ranged from family known businesses, charities, the school’s sports teams, the school’s band, and even the school’s JROTC members. Xaviar Yeagley, a starting varsity player states”It was Pretty fun honestly, I got to be around the people I work with and that are family to me.” People had chairs and benches out early in the morning saving their spots for the parade and even tarps to put over their heads so they didn’t get wet. Also, they had judges to rank the different floats. 1st place was given to the Girl Scout troop 3248, 2nd place was given to the Ruth Steinhart SPCA float, 3rd place was given to the Fresh Start Animal Rescue League float, 4th place was given to the Cub Scout Pack 611 float, and finally, PGAHS girls soccer came in 5th place.

“It went well and it was very eventful,” stated Owen Hannevig, a Pine Grove Area High School student. The Halloween parade for Pine Grove has become a tradition over the years. Throughout time, the residents of Pine Grove have grown to love the parade and continue every year to look toward the next.