Volleyball Family Legacies

Pine Grove Area High School’s 1988 Volleyball team/ yearbook picture.

Nick Wolff and Mason Kroh

Pine Grove Area’s  volleyball has been a mainstay for many fans and students for decades.  The program has been consistent with not only being competitive on the court, but also known for the players’ academic abilities off the court.  Many of the girls which are currently playing are part of a lineage of Pine Grove Area Volleyball players. 

Karissa Morgan, senior and captain, was starting Libero for the Lady Cards.  Her abilities enabled her to be named Pottsville Republican and Herald 1st team All Area Volleyball team.   Karissa said, “It was a very fun time to be able to follow in my mom’s footsteps and that she could support me from both a parent and former player’s perspective.” 

Becky (Wolfe) Morgan, Karissa’s mom, also played Volleyball.   Becky, a 1988 alumna, said, “It’s a proud moment as a mom to be able to see my daughter succeed in the sport that I loved and to see that she loves it just as much if not more.” 

Meg Wolfe was another captain this season as she finished her high school career. Meg’s mother Kelly (Nagle) 1988 was also a graduate from pine grove high school. She played volleyball for the cardinals and said, “I feel honored that my two girls would decide to play volleyball like I did in high school. They were both much more successful playing the sport than I was! But I’m more thankful that they both developed such a love for the support that it’s now a part of who they are and has given them both many exciting opportunities!” Meg’s big sister Brittanie (Wolfe) Deibler played volleyball in high school Meg is thankful for both her mom and sister saying, “Volleyball is a great sport I started playing because my mom and sister played. I have loved the sport pretty much since I started. Knowing that I’m playing the same sport for the same school my mom and sister played.”