Night Time on a Farm

“The telephone poles have had plenty of repairs done to them. Living on a farm and using large equipment, you sometimes run into things,” said Ted Butler Jr. He said that there were plenty of times as a kid and in his young adult life where his inexperience driving tractors caused him to damage the telephone poles from time to time.

Alexis Butler, Staffer

Alexis Butler, a fourth generation family member, admires her family farm at evening time. She works on her farm with her  family members and spends a lot of time outside and working on its land, so she likes to go outside to admire its history.  “My favorite time of the day is when the sun is going down and the light shadows over the farm. It just reminds me of how  much I love what I do,” said Alexis.“The farm has been in the family for many years and has always had hard work done, but sometimes we just like to  appreciate the beauty of the equipment when it’s resting in the evening,” said Alli Butler, another fourth generation family  member, as she rests on one of the metal hay wagons. Alli also helps do work on the farm, although it’s mostly in  summer time due to her being in college.