Teacher Review: Lori Roshannon


Sarah Warner

Mrs. Roshannon, teaching her third period Chemistry class.

Sarah Warner, Staffer

Lori Roshannon is a science teacher.  She teaches College Prep Chemistry, Chemistry II, AP Chemistry, Exploring Careers in Science, and Forensic Science.. 

“I went  on a bunch of different interviews, but I really liked Pine Grove at the time. The principal at the time was Stephen Brill and what we talked about in the interview made me excited to try and teach at Pine Grove versus some of the other schools I interviewed at,” says Roshannon. 

Math and science  were two subjects that she enjoyed in high school.  Roshannon obtained her Education Secondary Education and an AS in Chemical Engineering Technologies from Penn State.

“I like helping people learn new things… My handicapped daughter Jennifer helped me see that,” says Roshannon.  

This is the main reason why Roshannon decided to change her career path and become a teacher. She began teaching at Pine Grove Area High School in January of 2002, she’s been teaching there for 20 years now. Her favorite part about being a teacher is that when teaching a hard subject and the kids finally understand it, it makes her as though she has done a good job. 

“Chemistry is a hard subject and when you’re teaching it, the kids get it and they can tell you how to do things. How to solve problems. You know you did a good job with them and it makes you feel good to understand that you advanced their knowledge… they get a certain smile on their face when they get it,” says Roshannon. 

Roshannon continues, “Teaching gets challenging when bad things happen to or in the community or to a particular student or family. There’s a ripple effect through the entire school, at times, so you take a step back and you reflect and you become a little more patient, a little more caring and eventually you find a way to help students get back on track.” 

This is how Roshannon gets through any challenging obstacles that might come with being a teacher. Coming to teach her students everyday motivates her because she knows it’s a new day with new conversations and new possibilities for her students. 

Roshannon explained that her best personality trait is how she cares about the people around her, and what happens to them. This she said is a personality trait that really helps her as a teacher, when it comes to caring for her students.