Old Slang vs New Slang


Shyla Brown

A picture showing older slang that is not used as much anymore versus slang that is currently used.

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor

The usage of slang words is something that is constantly changing. It seems as though each generation has its own vocabulary of slang and If you lose touch of the new slang you may often be confused or baffled when talking to younger people. 

Older slang words may include, Rides; meaning shoes, Hip; meaning someone who is very fashionable or artsy, and busted which means getting caught or in trouble by your parents. These words aren’t really used anymore by younger people because they are words that were once used by older people. Some younger people might not even know what “rides” or “hip” means. 

Now onto more new and current slang especially used within Gen Z, words like dying; meaning something hilarious, finna; meaning “I’m going to”, Hits different; meaning better than usual, and finesse which means to trick or manipulate someone.

Slang is something that is constantly changing and if you’re not caught up with it you’ll often be confused when hearing words like “Troll” and “SWOL”.