The Cardinals have a Chorus


Cardinal Chronicle

Bailey Drake, sophomore, and Eva Karenda, senior, pose for a picture at the County Chorus performance. “It was a smooth performance. I thought it was really nice being able to sing with people who actually wanted to be there. It made it more professional even when we had our fun,” said Drake.

Alexis Butler, Staffer

Saturday February 12, 2022 twelve students from Pine Grove Area High School attended the Schuylkill County Chorus Festival at Williams Valley High School. Students received music in the summer and practiced for about three months until they had to audition. They auditioned in October and the auditions were held at Schuylkill Haven. The students found out if they placed that night, and all who auditioned from Pine Grove Area made it.

“There were two judges for each voice part. They judged us and graded us after we sang the section of the song of their choice,” said Autumn Gantz,junior, who placed 7th out of 20. 

“We had two evening practices, one full day practice, and a dress rehearsal Saturday morning,” said Gantz. After the students found out if they made the group or not, those who made it were given the music to practice. After four months of practicing the music on their own, all students joined together for their conjoined practices and rehearsals. 

At the concert, all twelve Pine Grove Area students and the rest of the County Chorus singers arrived at nine in the morning and performed at two in the afternoon. There were small groups of students from different schools who attended and the groups included  both male and female singers and varied in vocal groups. When it was time to get on stage the students performed a twenty to twenty five minute concert. 

“I think it went really well. Everyone selected to perform is super talented,” said Eva Karenda,  senior. She said that it was a ton of fun and that she is really sad that it was her last year. She also explained part of the practicing process and she explained that they practiced a lot for the performance and that the hard work paid off.