Peacemaker Review


Logan Zimmerman

An illustration of Christopher Smith, “Peacemaker,” with a quote from “The Suicide Squad”.

Logan Zimmerman, Photography Editor

Peacemaker is the latest and may I say the greatest comic book show in a long time. The first episode being released and the rest of the episodes being released weekly on Wednesday’s. The director, James Gunn, has a very high standard from his previous projects. Just to name some of his most popular ones, he directed and wrote Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. Also coming in 2023 the third and final installment of the Guardians trilogy will be released. In 2016 he wrote the horror thriller, The Belko Experiment which was a surprising blockbuster at the time. His most recent which set him on the path where he is now, The Sucide Squad. Not to get confused with the atrocity made in 2016, Suicide Squad. 

Now into Peacemaker. Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad is one of the most hated characters because his job is to kill however many men, women, and children he needs for peace. At the end of The Sucide Squad he’s shown in the hospital after taking a bullet to the throat. That’s where we lead off in the season premiere. After being released from the hospital he’s supposed to go back to jail. He’s given a similar choice to in The Suicide Squad. He can help a special ops team on an undercover mission off the books, or he can go back to jail. As he picks to help the team, we meet a ton of new characters and get backstories to previous ones we knew about. With plenty of laughs but also a very serious tone to saving the world, it’s a great combo as we see Christopher Smith, “Peacemaker,” develop a personality and try to save the world by stopping “Project Butterfly”

As previously stated, Peacemaker is one of the best comic book shows as of recent and would definitely recommend anyone who likes funny superhero shows to go watch this. With there being 8 episodes each being around 40 minutes long, it’s sure to bring you laughs, upset, and triumph.