Review: Adele’s album “30”


Rachel Sarge

An illustration to represent Adele’s 30th album.

Autumn Gantz, Staffer

Adele’s album “30”, which was released in November of 2021, is filled with powerful songs with meaningful messages. There are twelve songs in this album, and every single one is capable of giving the listener chills. The songs range from Jazz to Hip Hop to Gospel and mixes of more than one in some songs. After listening to this empowering album, one might feel motivated or inspired because of the messages they might take away from the songs. I for one felt very inspired and moved by the songs from “30.” Some have messages revolving around love. Others have messages referring to Adele’s son. But a few are motivational and tell the listener to “Cry Your Heart Out” and “Hold On,” which are the names of two of Adele’s songs from this album.

There is no doubt that each of these songs, while not all being uplifting, definitely have a strong feeling. Between the compelling piano chords, the sweet chords on an acoustic guitar, or the harmonies between the backup singers and Adele herself, the listener will be impressed. Every song has their own unique sound, and none of them sound alike. My favorite songs from this album are “Oh My God” and “Hold On.” Both of these songs have a fervid sound and meaning. The song I related to the most was “To Be Loved” because of the story behind the lyrics of the song. These lyrics have a message about being scared to love again, even if the chances of something going wrong in that new relationship are slim. The lyrics to all of the songs in “30” could apply to the lives of anyone who listens to it. 

When the listener gets chills from a song, then that song is impressive. It’s able to give whoever listens to it a feeling of pleasure and joy, even if it’s not a joyful song. Almost every single song in this album gave me chills. If there were groovy drum rhythms, pleasant harmonies, or satisfying chords, I enjoyed it all. Listening to this album was one of the highlights of my week.I highly recommend “30” to anyone who is searching for something new, fresh, and fun to listen to.