Sliding into Softball Season


Nick Wolff

The Pine Grove Area softball field ,Susan Y. Stump Field, being prepared for the season to get started.

Nick Wolff, Sports Editor

The Lady Cards Softball 2022 season has already begun for most players as they have been in off season practices for months now preparing for the season. The girls are ready to get started and after not making Districts last year they are very motivated.

Faith Wolff, senior, said, “I’m excited to have one last year with the team and I’m ready for a successful season.” 

This year’s team is working hard to improve on last season. Emily Fisher, junior, said, “The goal for this season is to make it to States and work better as a team.” 

Megan Wolfe, senior,  “I am really excited about this season. Only losing 2 seniors last year means our team remains pretty much the same and with the help of some underclassman our team should be even stronger. I have a lot of expectations for this group and I’m hoping we can keep some momentum from the end of last year going into this year. One of our main goals as a team is to beat North Schuylkill after losing to them 4 times last year. I’m excited to see where the team will go this year.”