The Batman Review


Logan Zimmerman

An illustration of Batman with Robert Pattinson’s Batman logo.

Logan Zimmerman, Photography Editor

“The Batman” is the newest comic book movie released and can I say it may be one of the best superhero films released. It’s his own solo movie with no cameos from other series or previous Batman’s, giving it a whole new start and storyline. 

Going into the movie with a run time of almost three hours, you would think you’d get lost or bored along the way. That is not the case whatsoever. Right from the start of the movie there is intense action and one of the most physical and darkest Batman we’ve ever seen. It highlights the loss of his parents tremendously well without reusing Martha Wayne’s pearls dropping in the alleyway for the 40th time. We then meet Alfred, played by Andy Serkis. He gives a great performance in the fact that he plays a huge father figure role. Compared to Michael Caine’s Alfred in “The Dark Knight” trilogy who was more of a mentor than a father figure. We also see what I’d like to think is the best James Gordon played by Jeffery Wright. He played his role extremely well in the fact that he’s working with Batman and also against his own police force. The villains throughout the entire movie gave a great storyline with it weaving and winding giving every turn a new meaning. We saw Batman more as a detective than a crime fighter and more grounded than ever before. It gave for a great performance and an absolutely stellar movie.

Robert Pattinson and Paul Dano were the standout stars of the movie with both of them giving Oscar worthy performances. Paul Dano gave an outstanding Riddler performance in the fact that he played an introvert with serious psychological problems. He was a very surreal and terrifying character in the fact that he was just a normal guy. Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne portrayal was different and quite refreshing. He wasn’t this big philanthropist that went to all the big events. He was very introverted throughout the whole movie. His Batman portrayal however was terrific. He really embodied “vengeance” and the vigilante persona. In my opinion the supporting cast was one of the best a Batman movie has ever had. Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler, Colin Ferral as Penguin, the list goes on and on. Giving the movie a rating I’d have to say the movie is 10/10.