Student Opinion on Ukraine


Levi Bettinger

Mr. Wessner talks to his 6th period Modern US History class about the current war in Ukraine and the Oil problems that are stemming from it.

Levi Bettinger, Staffer

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded its western neighbor Ukraine, after several months of Russia building up their forces on the border. As of March 10th, much of rural Ukraine is under control of the Russians, with the major cities holding out. The war is being televised unlike any war before it, and therefore the students of Pine Grove Area are well informed. 

Jordyn Zerbe, sophomore, said, “It’s extremely upsetting to me to watch the news and see what is going on in Ukraine. Elementary schools and children’s hospitals are being bombed. It’s awful.  I don’t understand how people could be so cruel.”

Logan Becker, junior, said “…What Putin is doing is wrong, he’s hurting and killing innocent men, women, and children. He is trying to take their land and homes away from them just so he can reform the Soviet Union. That’s not right.” Becker also mentioned the stress of the oil crisis. “Another thing we can do is protest to reopen the oil lines so that we can use it to not just support our economy, but also give the oil to our allies in Nato.” 

The Oil Crisis is a global issue, but is being felt the heaviest in the United States. Due to combat, gas prices in the United States have gone up more than a dollar since the war began. “It’s tough for the United States to balance what is best for the country and also to meet the energy needs. Right now, we are working with other nations we don’t necessarily agree with,” said Mr. Wessner, History teacher.  

Dominik Marchiano, junior,“The Ukrainian government is calling for foreign volunteers to assist them because they know that the Russians will not stop with just Ukraine…We must supply them weapons for their freedom against tyrannical rule from the Russian government and to protect their ideals which they hold so dear to them.” The most recent update to American aid was on March 9th, the House of Representatives passed a $1.5 trillion spending bill with $13.6 set aside for Ukrainian aid.  

All over Europe, and the world, people are giving Ukrainian refugees food and shelter in other nations, such as Ukraine’s eastern neighbor of Poland, where hundreds of refugees are fleeing. In addition to providing help to those who left Ukraine, many groups and churches, even in our area, have sent supplies and funds to the Ukrainian fighters.     

My personal opinion is rather mixed. On one hand, what the Russians are doing is awful, however I’m not sure if the United States should get involved. The US and Russia were at war with each other for more than 50 years, from the late 1940s to the 1990s, on the brink of nuclear war. Putin has threatened to use nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in Ukraine. Additionally, the rising gas prices with inflation, a lot of Americans are struggling. I think the Federal Government should make sure the people of their own nation are okay before we send aid elsewhere in the world.    


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