MLB the Show 22


Kolby Geesey

Dalton Geesey, senior, looks at Mike Trout’s stats while playing the new MLB the Show 22.

Javin Ward, Staffer

MLB the Show 22 is the newest installment of the annual MLB game by San Diego Studio. The game officially released on April 5th and is the 17th game in the series. The series first started all the way back in February of 2006. Every year the game features one of the top players in the MLB on the cover, and it’s considered a nice honor to be the cover athlete. This year’s cover athlete is Shohei Ohtani, who was the AL league MVP. 

While playing the game there are many different things you can do, but it’s all under two main game modes. There’s Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty. Diamond Dynasty is all about collecting MLB players from the past and the present, and putting them all on one team to play against other players who are doing the same in head to head baseball games. To create your team you have to complete challenges and play games to earn rewards like players, or you can earn packs. Packs are one of the biggest features in MLB the Show’s Diamond Dynasty. Packs contain players, which are usually not very good, and probably wouldn’t improve your team. However, there is a very slim chance that the pack contains an extremely good player that could bolster your team to new levels, and that’s what makes Diamond Dynasty addicting.

The other main game mode is an offline mode that focuses entirely on your created player’s career. You start out as an undrafted rookie player, and have to work your way up through AA, AAA, and all the way up to the major leagues. This mode is perfectly described by the game’s title. It’s your road to the show. As you progress through your career you make upgrades to your player to continually make him better and better. Eventually you can be the best player in the entire league, winning awards and accolades, and maybe even a few championships.