SADD and Aevidum Elementary Collaboration

Elementary students ask SADD and Aevidum members questions about mental health and good choices.

Alexis Butler, Staffer

During a period of two weeks, SADD and Aevidum came together to do some activities with elementary students. Students from both the SADD club and the Aevidum movement joined together in small groups and went to classrooms in the elementary school from all age ranges. They went into classrooms and did activities with the kids promoting good behaviors and choices. They did games like “Simon Says” and “Heads up, Seven up” to get the kids engaged and interested. 

“SADD and Aevidum joining together to go to classrooms was such a fun experience and I personally believe will have a lasting impact on the kids for a while,” said Katie Herring, Aevidum advocate and junior. She explained that they were able to teach the kids about good and bad decisions and how everyone is different in their own way. She said the games they played helped them to interact with each other and they got to know more about their classmates. “I think this is so important because it spread so much positivity and taught the kids about mental health,” said Herring. She explained that the more aware they are about these issues, the closer we get to purely positive energy in the school where they can have fun and support each other.

“We wanted to collaborate because Mrs. Culbert presented it as an activity that stressed the importance of making good choices,”said Mrs. Heming, one of Aevidums’ advisors. She explained that Culbert came to her and the other Aevidum advisor, Ms. Rogers, with the idea of a collaboration to go to the elementary school and promote good choices.  “This helped teach about bullying prevention measures which of course leads to positive mental health…one of Aevidum’s goals,” said Heming. She explained that the idea pointed towards some of Aevidum’s goals so it was an obvious choice to try it out. 

“Prior to COVID-19, SADD used to go to the elementary yearly to discuss topics such as good decisions vs bad decisions, peer pressure, and respecting others,” said Mrs. Culbert, the SADD advisor. She explained that she reached out to Mrs. Burns, elementary school principal, to see if they could come back this year into classrooms. Many SADD members are also involved in Aevidum and she felt it would be great to collaborate with the groups. “I feel it is very important for our high schoolers to be in the presence of the elementary students. They serve as a role model for them and many kids look up to our students,” said Culbert.