Marching Down Disney

The Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a stunning tree made up of animals that are carved into its bark. “Yes it was amazing! I loved seeing the color and the scenery around the tree and all the animals that were engraved onto the tree. It was a beautiful sight,” said Reese Lutz, junior.

Autumn Gantz, Staffer

A trip with the Cardinal Marching Band to just about anywhere is going to be a fun time. Yet, a trip to Disney and Universal parks are the best kind! This time going with the band to Florida had to be one of the most fun weeks of my young life, and I’m so glad that I got to spend it with my friends. The food, rides, shows, and characters in all of the parks made this trip special and one to remember. Marching with the band and feeling like an important asset to people’s visits to the parks is amazing. Having a band director like Ken Gibson, who is quite enthusiastic about the Disney parks, makes this trip a whole lot more enjoyable. The cast members in Magic Kingdom, and the employees in Universal, were all very nice and courteous to us being performers. If having to recommend going to Florida with the marching band ever presented itself, I would take no time to do so and say that it is definitely worth it!