Alphabet Spirit Days

The first day of the alphabet themed spirit days and mental health advice is “A”, for athletic and ask for help. “I had a question about the assignment we were doing in class and I knew that I needed help. Eve Kurtz, freshman, raises her hand to ask a question because she knows that asking for help is okay.

Autumn Gantz, Staffer

For the last twenty six days of the school year, Aevidum is hosting Alphabet themed Spirit Days for the high school students. While being themed for the kids to dress up for certain days, every day there will be a  mental health care tip that will correspond with each letter of the alphabet. 

 Collin Adams, Aevidum advocate,“Spirit days at the end of the year are one of the things that keep the students engaged, willing to keep us here, and have something to do. It’s nice to have something fun at the end of the year as everything is winding down.” 

Miss Rogers, co-adviser,  “When Aevidum decided to do the Alphabet Mental Health Countdown, we actually didn’t plan to have spirit days right away. It was more so about the mental health aspect of it. We know the end of the year can be very stressful and busy for everyone, so we wanted to have something everyday that would motivate the students and staff and let them know that we can make it through this last month of school. Once we decided on the 26 mental health words of encouragement, then we thought it would be fun to add some spirit days with it. The students came up with days to go along with the alphabet in hopes to add some positivity along with the words of encouragement.” 

Mrs. Heming,co-adviser, “Having spirit days at the end of the year is important because it is a stressful time of year for many students with testing and finals, and some students are also actually sad that the year is coming to an end. Thus, having fun “dress-up” days and giving students a reason to look forward to coming to school is important for everyone’s mental health. Some teachers enjoy these days, as well, so it is beneficial for their mental health, as well.”