Bumping the Pine Grove Spirit up at Homecoming

Lady Cards discuss strategy during a timeout.

Alexis Guidas, Staffer

It’s Homecoming Day and  the biggest game of the season for the Lady Cards playing against Minersville. Historically, the Lady Cards run a quick volleyball game; however, this match-up began on the slow side. Tanae Frey, senior, spiked the ball, Minersville countered and the match continued.  By the middle of the first set, the Lady Cards led 18-16 and Domani Collazo, sophomore, spiked the ball towards Minersville and scored yet another point for Pine Grove.   It just wasn’t enough by the end of the set and the Lady Cards ended 0-1. 

The Lady Cards start off the second set strong with  3-0. Kailen Felty, senior, blocked a serve and Pine Grove scored a point. Tanae Frey, senior, spikes the ball and Minserville just couldn’t get to the ball. Minersville calls for a timeout.12-6 and Pine Grove is winning. Emma Crawford, junior, serves a great serve that leads Pine Grove to another point. Molly Drumheller, freshman, dives for the ball, but unfortunately just misses it by a hair. The Cardinals and the Miners are tied 20-20. Only a few more points to defeat Minersville this period. Domani Collazo, sophomore, spikes yet another ball and gains another point for the Cardinals. Lady Cardinals take the win in the second set for 1-1.

Both volleyball teams started off good during the 3rd set.  Points bounce back and forth between the two teams and eventually the Lady Cards win the set.  

Set 4 began when Kailen Felty, senior, spiked the ball so hard that Minersville just couldn’t get to the ball fast enough. Molly Drumheller and Emma Crawford helped with points during the 4th set and a win over Minersville 3-1. 

Domani Collazo, sophomore, stated “I feel like I played decent today. It wasn’t my best, but it wasn’t my worst. I’m just glad we won!” 

“I think it’s good to win the game on this day, but we started off slow but coming out with the win at the end was a positive start to homecoming,” stated Ashley Kern, senior.