Carnival Attracts Opposing Schools

Bowling was a very popular event at the Band Carnival. Getting a strike or spare won you a prize.

Jocelyn Tobin, Staffer

Pine Grove Area Band held their annual Homecoming Carnival.  The Carnival attracts a lot of people every year, especially little kids.

”I love seeing all the kids happy after they win a game,” said Alyssa Moyer, freshman.

The Carnival features many games: ring toss, pop the balloon, and duck picking.

“This is my first year helping with the Carnival and it is actually kinda fun and interesting,” said Mya Williams, freshman. 

All the athletic events happening during the day brings a lot of attention from the opposing schools to come and check out the Carnival.”The Carnival is a great way to get the band more involved with the Homecoming festivities.” said Ava Eisenatcher, freshman.