One Uniform, One Impact

Kailen Felty, senior, gives her volleyball jersey to her dad, Mr. Felty.

Rachel Sarge and Alexis Butler

Aevidum and Varsity Club teamed up to participate in the “One Jersey, One Impact” campaign. The campaign is a TikTok trend of high school athletes, band members, and JROTC members. 

“The campaign is more widely known, and we were looking for  a way to spread positivity for our staff this year. We saw this campaign being done across the state, and thought it would be good,” said Jen Heming, an Aevidum advisor.  

Katie Cook, another Aevidum advisor, said, “Aevidum is not only about the mental health of our students, but also our staff.”  

Cook continued, “Aevidum is about bringing the school and community together, so working with Varsity Club, and bringing all three school buildings together, brings positivity to all the schools.”  

The day started off at Pine Grove Area High School where Blake Warg, senior, gave his band uniform to Mrs. Wolfgang. Warg states, “ She helped me through times of some personal struggles.” After that, other students gave their uniforms and jerseys to other teachers. 

Blake Salen, senior, gave his band uniform to his uncle who works here at Pine Grove Area High School. Blake Salen said, “Mr. Salen is my uncle and he’s been there my whole life.  I’ve found him to be influential in my educational career.” 

Caleb Lambert, senior, gave his JROTC uniform to Mr. Wessner. Lambert then said, “ I feel that he (Mr. Wessner)  taught me how to respect others even though we have different world views. It shows that no matter what we can all respect each other.”  

Ashton Owens, senior, gave his cross country uniform to his previous coach, Mrs. Shelton. Owens then stated, “Mrs. Shelton because she was the cross country coach and I looked up to her.  I looked up to her while running and always pushed me to be the best I could possibly be.”

“I got Katie Herring’s (senior) cheerleading uniform.  It was very sweet.  I was honored that someone would think of me like that,” said Mr. Herring. 

After all senior student fall athletes, band members, and JROTC members gave their uniforms and jerseys to the high school teachers, next was to the middle school.

Mr. Janicelli, PGAHS principal, said, “Sometimes we forget the impact that our elementary school and middle  school experience and the impact that the teachers had on our lives.  It was nice to see that they (the students) went back.” 

Nick Wolff, senior, gave his football jersey to Mrs. Albon, his 7th grade English teacher. Wolff stated, “Mrs. Albon helped me gain confidence in middle school.”

Tanae Frey, senior, gave her volleyball uniform to Mrs. Frantz, her previous volleyball coach. Frey stated, “Mrs. Frantz used to coach me in volleyball since 5th grade. She has always coached me for my Eclipse season ( club volleyball). She’s given me multiple opportunities to get me better at volleyball and has always been there for me.”

The students finished with the Middle School and then they were off to the Elementary School.

“Oh my gosh! I cried! I received them (uniforms) from Gabi Dubbs and Melanie Love. It was such an honor to be recognized by these young ladies that it moved me to tears.  To be remembered by seniors as their first role model in the school setting feels like such a high accomplishment. In teaching, we hope that we can make a difference in just ONE life in our career. Today, I felt my dream came true,” said Mrs. Allar.  

Mia Jefferson, senior, gave her girls soccer jersey to Mr. Hitz. Jefferson stated, “I gave my jersey to Mr. Hitz, for making my elementary years have an impact on me.” 

Brad Klinger, senior, gave his boys soccer jersey to Ms. Brand. Klinger stated, “Ms. Brand helped me to start reading chapter books ahead of time and the whole reason that I have all the knowledge I do.” 

Students concluded their day in the elementary school after handing out all their jerseys and uniforms.

Teachers sometimes don’t recognize what an impact they have had on their students’ lives. An article states, “ People overwhelmingly said that great teachers make their students feel safe and loved, believe in their students, model patience, and help their students reach their full potential—all qualities that remain largely unmeasured.”