Explore, Dream, Discover

A beautiful, desert sunset in Tucson, Arizona.

Alexis Guidas, Staffer

Many people dream of being able to travel around the world or even just an hour or two out of the area. Unfortunately, it is something not everyone can do due to it being so expensive. Of course it depends on where you plan to go and what you want to do..

Alissa Dorsey, senior, traveled to Mexico not too long ago. She said, “The experience was great! I got to go scuba diving and snorkeling and the people there were extremely nice.” 

Dorsey stated, “The pool was huge, like the size of our school, maybe a little smaller.”

She went on to say ,“The food, so delicious, and the shopping was fun too.” 

There were not a lot of cons. Dorsey said, “The cons would be the heat, there was a lot of seaweed, and the language barrier.”

Rachael Eidem, senior, traveled to the country of Belize earlier this year. 

“We went to the country of Belize and we went to an island called Caye Caulker, which was an hour by boat,” said Eidem.  

Eidem continued,  “We went snorkeling, fed tarpon, saw manatees, and traveled around on a golf cart…A lot of our trip was eating a lot of food. The fruit is of much better quality than here in the US and it is surprisingly cheap for practically everything.” 

Eidem liked getting to experience life in a different country and compare our way of life with many of the people on the island. One of the cons was that it was very hard to actually book ways to get there. Also, there were long travels and the difference between Americans and islander was very apparent. 

Tanae Frey, senior, traveled to the state of Arizona over the summer. Frey said, “Traveling to Arizona was the best opportunity to get a feel of how unique every state is. We stayed in 3 different hotels, which were 3 separate cities in Arizona. There were huge differences just traveling an hour away. From the architecture, to the landscape, to the temperature. It was different everywhere.” 

“There were  gorgeous views everywhere you went, different types of foods, proper management of nature (it was very clean, no trash), and definitely my favorite thing was how peaceful it was.” said Frey.  

Frey continued,  “A few cons were the blazing heat and figuring our way around the airport. Other than that it was an awesome opportunity, and I would certainly recommend traveling to Arizona.”