Aevidum Decks the Halls


Jocelyn Tobin

Emma Brandt, freshman decorating the Christmas tree in the lobby.

Pine Area High School Aevidum is bringing Christmas joy to students by decorating the hallways of the school.

“Decorating the hallways is a way to spread the happiness and joy surrounding Christmas,but also is a reminder of the support Aevidum offer anyone who might need it,” says Emily Fisher, senior

Aevidum and the Art Club teamed up for “Christmas Decorating of the Hallways”.

“I think decorating for the school for Aevidum really brought the kids in our school together. And we hope it will bring joy to many of the students this holiday season,” says Kiara Campbell, sophomore

While decorating the hallways for Christmas it brought the different members of Aevidum together to share the joy of Christmas.

“Getting together with some of the people of Aevidum to decorate was a very fun experience. I hope that it brings happiness to the students and that we continue to do it for years to come,” says Carley Brown, freshman.