Senior of the Month: Mason Kroh


Jamiel Freed

January 2023 Senior of the Month, Mason Kroh.

1.How do you feel about being a senior?

-It’s really nice being so close to finally being done high school, but at the same time it’s scary that in the same amount of time we will be forced to become adults and start our lives.

2.How do you feel about being senior of the month?

-It feels good to know that the faculty recognizes the hard work I have put in.

3.What do you want to do after you graduate?

-Go to college, study criminal justice and play football.

4.What piece of advice would you give to underclassmen?

-To not rush and appreciate things more. I know everyone says this but it goes by so quick every once in a while you need to just take it all in.

5.Best memory of senior year so far?

-There are multiple I’d pick from but if I have to pick one I’d choose when I broke two school passing records at the homecoming game.

6.Favorite thing to do outside of school?

-My favorite thing to do would be play any sport with my friends.

7.Who is someone you look up to?

-My dad without a doubt.