NFL Playoffs


Haydn Williams

14 teams made the NFL Playoffs during the 22-23 football season.The Chiefs had the highest record in the AFC while the Eagles had the highest record in the NFC.

With the NFL playoffs starting, tensions are high and teams are preparing to play against the best teams in the NFL. There are a total of 7 teams per conference allowed in the playoffs. So 14/32 NFL teams can make the playoffs. The AFC teams in the playoffs are the: Chiefs (14-3), Bills (13-3), Bengals (12-4), Jaguars (9-8), Chargers (10-7), Ravens (10-7), and the Dolphins (9-8). The NFC teams in the playoffs are the: Eagles (14-3), 49ers (13-4), Vikings (13-4), Buccaneers (8-9), Cowboys (12-5), Giants (9-7-1), and the Seahawks (9-8). The teams are seeded in order. The Chiefs and the Eagles get a bye-week, meaning they don’t have to play, since they were the #1 seed in their conference.

The NFC games are: #7 seed Seahawks at #2 seed 49ers, which is favored for the 49ers to win. #6 seed Giants at #3 seed Vikings, which was a game previously in the season. This game ended in a win for the Vikings, which is predicted to happen again. #5 Cowboys at #4 Buccaneers which is favoring the Buccaneers to win even though the Cowboys have a better regular season record. Tom Brady is 7-0 versus the Cowboys so that plays a big role in this game.

The AFC games are: #5 Chargers at #4 Jaguars which is another game that was previously played earlier in the season, which resulted in a surprising 38-10 win for the Jaguars. The Chargers are seeking revenge and are favored to win this game. #7 Dolphins at #2 Bills, predicted to be an easy win for the Bills since the Dolphins starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater are both injured and out for the game. #6 Ravens at #3 Bengals predicted to be a win for the Bengals. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is still questionable to play because of a knee injury. The Ravens and Bengals faced off twice this year and both won 1 game.