Review: My Singing Monsters


Haydn Williams

My Singing Monsters is a free rhythm game on android and iOS devices.

My Singing Monsters is a top down strategic rhythm game. The game contains over hundreds of monster and goofy characters that make different sounds. Together all the monsters on your specific island will make a song that is sometimes actually really good. The game took the Pine Grove Area High School by storm. Many students play daily and flex to their friends at how much gold they have or what monsters they have.

The game is free to play making it very accessible to anyone looking for something to fill their free time. It as well is also made for all ages making there no one who would not be allowed to play this game. Many students have formed their own opinions on who their favorite monster is. Cameron Weiss, Senior says “Crackoola” as his favorite while others disagree like Wyatt Geisinger, Senior says “Toe Jammer” is his and Derek Biggs, Junior explains “Maw” is his personal favorite.

Many students throughout the school play My Singing Monsters. Recently rising in the amount playing at the Pine Grove Area High School. My opinion stands that it is a solid game and it deserves the recognition that it gets. It is easy to play, there is no skill to it or any tough challenges making it an easy experience to pick up if you have the time.