Review: Bridge of Spies


Leighton Costabile

This magnifying glass represents espionage. In the movie, the Soviets spy on the Americans.

“Bridge of Spies” is a movie that takes place in 1957, New York, during the Soviet Union vs United States Cold War. It is an informative film that gives some insight on what espionage was like during this major conflict. In this film we see our main character and lawyer, Jim Donavon, try and navigate his way through defending an accused Soviet spy. Rudolph Abel, the accused Soviet Spy is tried for espionage and gathers hate from the entirety of the United States. Despite the hate that he is attracting, Donavon still decides to take his case and help him not get the death penalty. Donovan taking this case causes a huge stir in the states, making him a hated person for defending a Soviet Spy.

Meanwhile, in the airspace of the Soviet Union, American, Gary Powers is taking flight at more than 70,000 feet, taking images for the United States. During his flight, he gets shot down and survives, but ends up in the Soviet Union court and sentenced to 3 years in prison. The remainder of this film follows the CIA’s attempt at a trade of Rudolph Abel, the Soviet Spy, for Gary Powers, the United States spy.

The film is very interesting and I think is a must watch for history lovers. It gives an interesting perspective on what it was like during this time period. It has some cool twists and turns in the story as the characters try and navigate through the conflict. Especially during one of the scenes where Donovan goes to East Germany to propose the trade and we see all the precautions he has to go through just to get through the Berlin Wall. Bridge of Spies is probably a 8/10 in my opinion.