Stine Achieves First Runner-Up



Kelly Stine

Kenley Stine, junior, modelling for the judges at The Greater Pottsville Winter Carnival pageant. “I felt very thrilled in the moment but also nervous,” said Stine.

Kenley Stine, junior, has recently participated in the Greater Pottsville Winter Carnival. After the pageant had skipped the last two years due to COVID-19, the Greater Pottsville Winter Carnival has returned to present their 54th pageant. It is an opportunity for young females in Schuylkill County to present their talents while making life-long memories. The pageant consists of three age groups: Snow Drops, Snowflakes and Queen of Snow. The girls attend a royal tea party, fashion show, meet the judges event, pageant, and a royal ball. These events give the girls an opportunity to meet their judges and competitors, along with chances to showcase their talents and abilities. Stine was the only contestant from Pine Grove Area High School.

“I participated in the Winter Carnival in second and third grade. I just decided to come back and wanted to meet new people,” said Stine.

Stine also twirls batons and models, so talking to the judges and performing came natural to her. To prepare for the carnival, Stine bought all of her outfits for the events and attended practices. At these practices, Stine would learn dances and prepare her speech for the judges.

“Beforehand I was nervous for my public speaking and backstage I was very nervous but practicing helped,” said Stine.

The Carnival began on January 10 and continued through February 4. After the judges event and fashion show, the judges select six contestants from Stine’s age group, Snowflakes, to be the finalists on the pageant night. The contestants all continue to compete because the judges do not reveal who the final six contestants are. The girls model and then the six contestants who were chosen by the judges are revealed. Individually, the final contestants answer a final question from the judges.

“My heart was racing when I answered my last question but overall I felt good about my performance,” said Stine.

The judges announced the winners from 6th to 1st place. Brenna McGowan and Stine were the final two left on stage. Stine finished as first runner up.

“The experience was amazing and I got to meet so many new people. Hopefully I’ll be back in 2025 to compete for Queen of Snow,” said Stine.