Wentz Released Commanders Contract


Sterling Kohr

Carson Wentz played for the Washington Commanders when he was released from the NFL. This image shows where Wentz has previously played.

The Washington Commanders announced that Quarterback Carson Wentz will not be returning for the next football season. With the Commanders releasing Wentz there is a savings over 26 million dollars for the franchise. Wentz had 2 years left on his contract, but didn’t have guaranteed money. Wentz had a 15 million guaranteed on his contract with the Commanders. Wentz only spent one season with the Commanders before getting the boot. Wentz was only the 19th best starting QB last season.

Wentz is 46-46-1 in his career, but he does have a championship under his belt so whatever hate Wentz gets it doesn’t matter. Wentz also has 66 interceptions and 72 fumbles in his career. His most in a season was with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2020, he had 15 that season. But Wentz also has 2056 completions out of 3284 attempts.

It was a good move to release Wentz because he’s either doing really good in a game, or really bad. More often than not he’s doing bad. The stats show his performance has gone down as the years went on. He did have a breakout season with the Colts two years ago; however, he started off the season with the Commanders badly. His prime is over. It’s time to hang up the cleats Carson Wentz.