Youtube Channel Review: Animal ASMR


Leighton Costabile

This illustration represents Animal ASMR. Different animals eat different food while a microphone is close by. One of their most popular videos is when a turtle ate watermelon.

YouTube is a popular platform that many people utilize. One of the genres that has gained a pretty large following over recent years, is the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) genre. One of these channels call themselves “Animal ASMR.” Animal ASMR is a United States based ASMR channel with around 1.08 million subscribers. They
upload videos every couple of months that are packed with a lot of information for people who share the same interests as them.

Animal ASMR showcases numerous animals just simply eating. What makes these videos so interesting, is that they put a microphone up close to the animal eating things so it captures the satisfying crunch of certain foods like watermelon. One of these videos, at 107,000 views, showcases a tortoise eating different fruit and vegetables, like strawberries, watermelon and carrots.

From a turtle to a guinea pig to an iguana, they have videos showing them all. Not only is it satisfying to hear the crunch of the watermelon with the up close microphone, but it can be a soothing video to watch. It is a calming experience to watch these animals just simply grub and enjoy life.