My Job at Moose’s LZ

This image shows the main entrance of Moose’s LZ. When you walk into the restaurant, the dining area is located on the left and the bar is located on the right.

I started working at Moose’s around three years ago as a dishwasher. I enjoyed learning about the food industry and now I was working at a restaurant. My dad (Bill Hall, Manager at Moose’s LZ) used to have me come in on weekends to help out since that was when we were the most busy. We used to only have two dishwashers before I came in so I was a big help. About a year after I started, I began to food run and cook as well. And soon, I will start training to become a server. I am excited to start serving and making a little bit more money.

My job at Moose’s consists of many aspects. I have different jobs that I do on different days. On Fridays and Saturdays I usually Food Run. That is where I help run food out to guests’ tables if the servers cannot come back to the kitchen and get it. It is normally very busy on Fridays and Saturdays, so I have to be quick to run out the food and get back so the window does not get full. On Sunday morning: however, I usually wash dishes. It can get boring sometimes but I try to get caught up early so it is easier for the rest of my shift. There are times when it gets busy and I need to speed up so I do not get behind. But sometimes I need to come in and help cook if someone calls off. Cooking is probably my favorite job because it is pretty easy. I drop wings and other fried foods into the fryer and toss wings whenever needed.

In the end, I know I won’t work there all my life but I will always enjoy my time there. But for now I’m going to focus on becoming a server and making money for college.