Artificial Intelligence Music


Nathan Frankenfield

Artificial intelligence has been taking over the music industry recently, with the discovery that you can use AI to copy famous artist voices.

Artificial intelligence is intelligence done by machines. They infer, synthesize and perceive information. AI is a rapidly growing thing in this generation. It has grown like crazy just in the past year, and the answers that AI can give you seem limitless. People are continuing to find new ways to use AI, and some of their ideas are really cool. One of the most popular ways to use AI recently has been the use of AI-generated vocals. The TikTok user by the name of Ghostwriter977 has gone viral from making an AI-generated Drake and The weekend song, that sounds so similar to their actual voices you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference without knowing what it was made by.

The song name is “Heart on my Sleeve”, It is surprisingly an actual really good song, even though it wasn’t even actually sung. Many other people are catching on to how to make this music. The music industry is going to change forever. The fact that anyone anywhere can make really good songs that sound exactly the same as the celebrities is crazy. It’s not even just music artist voices that people are making music with, another TikTok trend that has been going on is using voices such as Donald Trump, and Joe Biden to sing and have full conversations with each other. Although Drake is the main focus of AI music right now, I’m sure that soon enough all the most popular music artists will have AI songs of their own.

Drake has not spoken out about his recent viral AI song, but he has spoken out about another AI problem he had. People made a cover of him singing the popular Ice Spice song, “Munch” and he responded with an instagram story saying, “This is the Final Straw AI”. If AI keeps growing in the music industry I’m sure we will see some problems and other scandals that will happen. It’s just a matter of time before we see songs that are better than ones made by the actual artist.