Annual Pine Grove Craft Fair A Success Yet Again

Helen Schannauer stand with her crafts under her tent at the stroll

Erik Dubbs, Staffer

“2018 was the 23rd year of the Stroll,” says Sharon Legarht of Pine Grove. Sharon Legarht is an organizer for the annual Autumn Stroll. Legarht said the Autumn Stroll is run by the Pine Grove Bicentennial Committee, of which she is a volunteer. “Over the years, the Stroll has increasingly grown to over 100 handcrafted vendors, local Non-Profit groups, and Food Vendors,” Legarht explained. “The Autumn Stroll is held every year the third week of October as a homecoming event to coincide with the annual Lions Club Holiday Parade.”

Aside from focusing on the homecoming of alumni of Pine Grove,the Autumn Stroll is also an event to bring attention to our small-town as it draws in outsiders from different parts of Pennsylvania. A local, and longtime attendee of the Stroll, Sarah Barra elaborates on why she believes in supporting the event, “At this time every year, I get to see people come together. It’s a special thing. It’s refreshing to see the community working together to produce something good. It strengthens the sentimentality and creates new relationships within the community. It brings in a lot of people that aren’t regulars… it’s one of my favorite events of the year… every year it seems to attract more and more attention and I think that’s great.”

The event offers entertainment, local crafts, and a diverse variety of food. The Autumn Stroll is a craft show, food truck and music festival all in one. The event features local bands, nonprofits, local vendors, and various organizations of students from the Pine Grove School District. This year the event was held on Saturday, October 20th, from 10 AM to 4 PM. Followed by the annual Halloween Holiday Parade, both events are always a great turnout and seem to heighten the attention span and has begun to appeal to a more broad spectrum of audience. The Autumn Stroll is looked forward to every year by locals. Hopefully, the event continues its gradual inclination.