“The Secret Keepers” Review


Izzy Moyer

Reuben’s pocket watch and key with the journal he finds at the lighthouse.

Izzy Moyer, Staffer

A young boy named Reuben is the main character of this novel. Rueben is a very curious and adventurous kid. Each day, Reuben would go venture into the city, not listening to his mother’s worries. He would go farther and take more gambles each time he went out. On a day that he walked the farthest from home he has ever been, he found a old antique watch. He was completely mesmerized by this watch, but he knew he had to sell it. He had to sell it because he wanted to help his mother with money. Even though she never told him that they were running out of money, Reuben could just tell because of how stressed his mother was lately. Reuben went to sell the watch and eventually found a clock and watch maker. When he showed the old lady the watch he just became more interested in it and decided not to sell. When at home Reuben discovered that when used properly the watch could turn him invisible.  When trying to find a missing piece of the watch, he was lead to a lighthouse in a small town. At this point Reuben knew someone was following him, trying to steal the watch from him. When at the lighthouse Reuben a girl his age. She described that this watch was a family heirloom and that her great-grandmother had hidden it. Reuben learned everything from her family and that the watch was very dangerous. Now knowing that the man following Reuben was a much bigger threat than he could imagine, the girl and her family help Reuben find and capture the terrible man.

The novel’s author is Trenton Lee Stewart. Trenton Lee is known for creating very immersive and detailed stories and he accomplished that once again with this book. Once I picked up this book he immediately pulled me in with his style of writing. This book illustrates how Reuben’s surroundings affect his him. It shows how Reuben tries to act like an adult, but truly Reuben feels as lost as everyone around him. I enjoy how Reuben’s inner struggles are illustrated so perfectly and because of his you can truly feel yourself in his shoes. Even though the idea of the book seems a bit unoriginal, the description of the characters, their personalities and the situations they are put in seem so realistic. I especially love when the author is able to make you feel bed for the “bad guy” and this book does just that. Trenton Lee shows you that if he wanted to he could make a whole book about the “bad guy” and call it the tortured hero. This book has so much depth in not just the main character, but even in the character you are supposed to hate. Trenton also shows how Reuben slowly is able to become a better and more open person to not just his mother, but to all the people he meets along the way. This book isn’t just a fantasy story of a kid who can turn invisible because of a watch, but instead it is about a kid who learns how to be himself instead of hiding away.