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Staffer Alexis G

Alexis Guidas, Staffer

Full Name: Alexis Guidas

Are you in Broadcasting, Journalism, or both? Journalism

Journalism Position:Staffer

How long have you been in Journalism/Broadcasting? First Year

Class Level:  Senior

Age: 17

Family: Dad, Mom, an older sister, and a younger sister

What is on your bookshelf or home-screen: A picture of my boyfriend and I at the Zac Brown Concert in Hershey.

Favorite Song: Hard to Love- Lee Brice

Go to comfort food: My go to comfort food is pepperoni pizza with sweet sauce, but it has to be from La Dolce Casa. 

Favorite place in Pennsylvania: My favorite place in Pennsylvania is Kinzua Bridge. 

Somewhere you have always wanted to travel: I have always wanted to travel to Montana,  specifically Glacier National Park

Hobbies: Photography, drawing, watching movies and tv.

Why did you join Cardinal Chronicle: I joined Cardinal Chronicle this year because I heard it was a cool class to be a part of and everyone that is in it really enjoys it.

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Alexis Guidas