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Shyla Brown, Opinion and Social Media Editor

Full Name: Shyla Brown 


Are you in Broadcasting, Journalism, or both? Journalism 

Journalism Position: Opinion/Social Media Editor 

How long have you been in Journalism/Broadcasting? This is my fourth year in journalism. 

Class Level: Senior 

Age: 18

Family: Dad, Mom, a brother, and two sisters. 

What is on your bookshelf or home-screen: Social Media

Favorite Song: “Scott Street” by Phoebe Bridgers 

Go to comfort food: Buffalo Chicken Dip 

Favorite place in Pennsylvania: My favorite place in Pennsylvania is my cabin upstate in Wellsboro.

Somewhere you have always wanted to travel: I’ve always wanted to travel to Pretty Place Chapel in Cleveland,South Carolina.

Hobbies: Shopping, Journaling, and watching TV. 

Why did you join Cardinal Chronicle: I joined journalism as a freshman because I was interested in photography and writing articles. 

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This image shows two well know cup/ tumblr companies that have been around for years. The Stanley Quencher H2.0 cup has became very popular and continues to sell out online. While Yeti cups come in all different sizes and hot and cold options.

Stanley vs. Yeti

Shyla Brown, Editor
March 15, 2023
A drawing of Wednesday Addams who is portrayed by Jenna Ortega in the new Netflix Series “Wednesday”.

Review: Wednesday

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
December 6, 2022
Brian Whitehouse with his niece Skylee Brown preparing to enjoy breakfast at a local restaurant in Light House Point, Florida.

Alumni: Brian Whitehouse

Shyla Brown, Editor
November 15, 2022
The present day barn. The barn has been renovated and will eventually be used as a guest house when, the Forge House is completed. The Bouldin Family is currently living in the refinished barn, until the forge is completed.

Forging New Memories

Shyla Brown, Opinon Editor
November 2, 2022
The Dungeon at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Inside the Dungeon, contains a museum of Medieval tortures. People could walk through for the cost of $3.00.

A Day Back In Time

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
October 12, 2022
A picture of The Pine Grove Area High School, built in 1956.

Pine Grove Schools Then VS Now

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
May 11, 2022
Ken Gibson, PGAHS Band Director, mending band uniforms to prepare for the 2022 Band Disney Trip.

Band Disney Trip 2022

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
April 7, 2022
On February 24, 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then, it is speculated that between 2,000 - 4,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed as well as civilians. It’s also estimated that up to 4,000 Russian soldiers may have died so far. Since the war broke out, Ukrainian women and children were left with a hard and heartbreaking choice, to flee for their safety or stay and fight. Martial Law in Ukraine prohibits all men aged 18-60 from leaving the country. They must stay and fight. Watching this war happen is such a surreal and scary thing. I can’t imagine being in the Ukraine and having to make that heartbreaking choice to either leave my family behind and flee or stay and fight for my country’s freedom. I also feel for the Russian soldiers and families who never wanted this war to happen and who now are watching their own people die. This war has opened my eyes to seeing how quickly things like this can escalate and how horrific it can be.

Opinion Russia-Ukraine War

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
March 16, 2022
A picture of a crown, representing the title of the series as well as the Royal Family in which the show is about.

Show Review: The Crown

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
March 7, 2022
A picture showing older slang that is not used as much anymore versus slang that is currently used.

Old Slang vs New Slang

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
February 24, 2022
The 1995-1996 PGAHS Cardinal Marching Band. Including, Michele (Schoffstall) Brown and Jen (Krause) Heming.

The Beat Goes On

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
February 2, 2022
Mr. Gibson conducts the PGAHS Cardinal Band in the 2021 Christmas Concert.

Band Christmas Concert

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
January 6, 2022
Blake Warg, junior, Logan Winslow, senior, Brandon Gibson, 8th grade, Dakotah Williams, junior, and Autumn Gantz, junior, setting up for the Haunted School.

Haunted School 2021

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
December 1, 2021
Its not too early to decorate! Mrs. Hemings classroom is decorated for Christmas. Her decorated Christmas Tree can be seen as you enter her classroom.

Too Early For Christmas Spirit?

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
November 30, 2021
A Bowl filled with different Halloween Candies

Sweets On Halloween

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
November 4, 2021
An artwork piece of an emoji wearing a mask with a thumbs up and down.

Opinion on Mask Mandate

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor
October 8, 2021
Brandon Gibson dunking Mr. Felty at the dunk tank.

Excitement at the Carnival

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editior
September 24, 2021
Jason Zerbe, Class of 2001, is the chef at The Brick Yard Bistro.

Alumni: Jason Zerbe

Shyla Brown, Staffer
March 2, 2021
Members of the band social practice not only their music, but mask wearing during Band Camp.

CoronaVirus Effects Band Camp

Shyla Brown, Staffer
February 25, 2021
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