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Karlie Wolfe, Broadcasting Staff

Full Name: Karlie Wolfe

Are you in Broadcasting, Journalism, or both? broadcasting

Journalism Position: (Are you a Staffer or Editor): staffer

How long have you been in Journalism/Broadcasting? First year

Class Level: (Are you a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or a Senior) senior

Age: 18

Family: Dad, Mom, Katie, and Kyla

What is on your bookshelf or home-screen: My bestie and me

Favorite Song: Love you anyway, by Luke Combs

Go to comfort food: chocolate

Favorite place in Pennsylvania: hershey outlets

Somewhere you have always wanted to travel: Nashville, italy, Montana, Greece

Hobbies: FFA, Musical, working at a daycare, going shopping, hanging with friends, singing, and eating ice cream

Why did you join Cardinal Chronicle: To be with Lexi Butler and also I thought it would be fun

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Karlie Wolfe